CharlottetonFreezer installation engineering companyWhat kind of superior performance does it have

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Installation of refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration system of the cold storage includes evaporator and units outside the cold storage. All equipment shall be installed in accordance with the construction specifications, and corresponding protection measures shall be taken for the installed equipment.These measures have achieved quite good results. Compared with several cold storages at a customer in Jining, the cold storages using their white materials have significantly lower power consumption than those using other white materials.Charlotteton,After the welding of the whole system, the air tightness test shall be carried out, and the high-pressure end shall be filled with mp nitrogen. Nitrogen charging MP at low pressure end. During pressurization, conduct leak detection with soapy water, and carefully inspect all welded junctions, flanges and valves, so as to keep the pressure from falling off after the completion of simplicity.The foundation of cold storage is affected by low temperature, and the water in the soil is easy to be frozen. Due to the volume of frozen soil, the ground will be broken and the whole building structure will be deformed. If the damage is serious it may even make the cold storage unusable. Therefore,CharlottetonCold storage installation company, the floor of low-temperature cold storage must be treated under the thermal insulation layer to prevent soil freezing. The bottom plate of the cold storage shall stack a large number of goods and pass through various loading in addition to the thermal insulation layer, unloading and transportation machinery and equipment. Therefore, the structure of the cold storage plate shall be firm and have large bearing capacity. In low temperature environment, especially in the process of periodic freezing and thawing cycle, building structures are vulnerable to. Therefore the structure of each part of the cold storage and the building materials of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.Curitiba,Operating the unit: regularly observe the oil level and oil return of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it shall be solved in time to avoid adverse effects.Here we focus on polyurethane. Polyurethane is an ideal cold storage material in the cold storage project. Superior bonding properties make the foam and metal panels form a solid whole, so that no other adhesive materials are needed. When polyurethane is used as a cold storage project, rigid polyurethane foam is formed between the panels of the storehouse panel, and then solidified and pressed to form a multi shape storeboard, because the metal plate can roll out different waveforms, so that the overall rigidity is stronger and the bearing capacity is higher. Polyurethane filler board can meet the firmness and physical requirements of exterior wall and can be used in various cold storage projects. It is technically feasible and cost-effective. Yuanbao refrigeration believes that polyurethane is one of the new cold storage materials with great development prospects in the future. The thermal insulation materials of cold storage engineering should not only have good thermal insulation performance, but also be economical, applicable and environmental friendly. To ensure the smooth progress of our cold storage project, we should not only inquire about the raw materials of the cold storage, but also the types of cold storage. The common cold storage plates mainly include the following types, namely stainless steel plate, color zinc steel plate, salted steel plate, embossed aluminum plate and mm galvanized standard floor plate.The cold storage board uses light polyurethane as the inner material of the cold storage board. The advantage of polyurethane is that the thermal insulation performance is very good. The exterior of polyurethane cold storage board is composed of SII, PVC color steel plate and stainless steel plate. The advantage of this is to prevent the temperature transmission of cold storage board due to large internal and external temperature difference, so as to make the cold storage more energy-saving and improve the working efficiency of cold storage.

CharlottetonFreezer installation engineering companyWhat kind of superior performance does it have

Step of cold storage design: define the volume of the cold storage warehouse. The size of the cold storage should be based on the design of a large number of agricultural products to be stored for a long time. This volume is calculated based on the essential volume of stored goods accumulated in the cold storage, plus the row to row corridors, the indoor space between the pile and the wall, the ceiling and the gap of the packaging house. After the volume of the cold storage is determined, the length and height width ratio of the cold storage shall be determined. Necessary auxiliary engineering buildings and equipment shall also be considered in the design of cold storage, such as working intermediate, packaging and combing room, loading and unloading platform, etc.Precautions for fruit delivery: it is the same as warehousing. It should be gradually adapted during delivery to avoid condensation on the fruit surface, dark color, affecting the taste and causing decay. The temperature should be ~ ℃ higher than the fruit temperature each time,CharlottetonMedical cold storage, and the relative humidity should be % ~ %, When the temperature rises to ~ ℃ different from the external temperature, it can be delivered from the warehouse.Installation of box and operating device: the design of box shall be reasonable, and the appearance quality shall meet the requirements of beauty and practicality. All buttons, electrical switches, etc. shall be reliable, safe, long-term cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, old brand, price advantage and quality guarantee! Easy to identify and operate. The indicator light shall be simple and clear. The device and each switch shall be installed on the upper side outside the warehouse door which is easy to operate, read data and not easy to be damaged, and shall be reliably fixed. The device box is installed on the door frame plate on the door opening side. The center line of the box overlaps the center line of the door frame plate. The bottom of the box is mm above the ground and is reliably fixed. The lighting lamp and door frame wire switch in the warehouse are installed directly below the device, and the height of the bottom edge of the switch box is about mm.Product survey,There are many application scenarios of cold storage which are different. For a long time, it provides various cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, honest operation, and has offices all over the country for long-term cooperation. Different purposes, functions and designs, so what needs to be understood in cold storage design?Cold storage board, compressor, and other components in the cold storage can reasonably adjust the evaporation and condensation temperature, so as to improve the reduction of power consumption and reduce the production cost. Professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage,CharlottetonMedicine fresh-keeping cold storage, quality assurance, professional, timely supply and high cost performance. It has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Save more resources.Cork board: cork board can be said to be a relatively primitive kind of cold storage. The thermal conductivity of cork board is relatively low and it is easy to obtain, so it is not difficult to process, so it is generally used as the insulation board in some ordinary cold storage. If you want to pursue better thermal insulation performance, you have to look at the following materials.

CharlottetonFreezer installation engineering companyWhat kind of superior performance does it have

Reasonable space: the power consumption of the cold storage is calculated according to the cold consumption of the cold storage, which usually includes two parts: the cold consumption during cargo cooling and refrigeration; It is the cooling consumption of the refrigeration room itself and operation management.Executive standard,During the installation of polystyrene storehouse, the Perpendicularity Error of wall plate shall be corrected while the top storehouse plate is installed. The length of the top warehouse plate shall be mm shorter than the surface of the wall plate. After the installation of the top warehouse plate, the mm gap shall be marked with foaming material to ensure the sealing performance of the warehouse body.After the welding of the whole system, conduct leak detection with soapy water, and carefully inspect all welded junctions, flanges and valves, it can be carbonized, unlike flow burning and flashover like extruded board, which can effectively prevent fire spread. In particular, it can be sealed as a whole after systematic fire prevention treatment to form non combustible products.Charlotteton,Frozen and refrigerated storage began to change to shelf and pallet storage to complete the goods according to & ldquo; First in first out & rdquo; It is conducive to improve the quality of commodity storage and reduce loss.Features of quick freezing warehouse: the quick freezing technology is advanced, the frost free quick freezing method is adopted, the famous brand compressor and refrigeration accessories are configured, and the automatic frost is adopted. The method can only be used by microcomputer. The refrigeration system adopts green refrigerant, which belongs to the international advanced refrigeration technology in the st century.Floor insulation of medium-sized cold storage the structure of medium-sized cold storage is what we often call the surface, that is, the top and wall are made of color steel plate / stainless steel with appropriate thickness of polyurethane and other insulation materials, while the ground needs to be insulated separately. At present, the common operations in the market are: laying the ground with XPS extruded board, laying moisture-proof and steam isolating SPS materials above and below the extruded board respectively, and then pouring concrete or reinforced concrete.

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