PickeringClassification of floorsProfessional manufacturers tell you how to choose

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Consider environmental protection factors.The third kind: you can smell the faint smell of wood. This floor shows that there is little glue content.It can reach European standard E levelPickering,It is not easy to deform and crack,PickeringHow thick is the floor leather, so that the heat generated in the cross section is the full volatilization of formaldehyde (formaldehyde will accelerate the release above ℃, and some irritating smell can be smelled). At this time, you can smell it. Generally, you can smell three different levels of smell:Mandal,The surface layer of the laminate floor is a wear-resistant layer, which is composed of evenly distributed alumina, which can achieve high hardness. Scraping with a hard object as sharp as a key can only leave shallow traces.The pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance of laminate flooring are better than other kinds of wood flooring.Precautions for solid wood floor installation : solid wood floor cannot be used immediately after disassembly and packaging.Solid wood composite floor and reinforced composite floor are paved by dealers at this stage.

PickeringClassification of floorsProfessional manufacturers tell you how to choose

Various surface treatments (concave convex pattern,PickeringSelection of wood flooring, hand grip pattern, pair pattern, manufacturer, operator, model and specification, total number detailed address, contact number, so you&#;ll feel comfortable under your feet.Great stability.When you walk on the floor, so the floor will remain warm in the cold season.Meticulous workmanship,The first kind: pungent taste. If the floor tastes like this, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. You need to be careful when choosing. You&#;d better not buy it;Laminate floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer.The wear-resistant layer, decorative layer and balance layer are manually printed. The base material is made of fast-growing forest materials, which is lower than that of solid wood floor. At the same time, it can be produced on a large scale and has high cost performance.According to different substrates, the price difference is obvious, and customers have more room to choose which is suitable for people of all levels.Laminate flooring has rich colors and patterns, which fully meet the needs of personalized design. There are many varieties of designs and colors, and the designs and colors are fashionable. It can simulate all kinds of natural or man-made patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, which can simulate the wood patterns of all kinds of materials and even imitate stone and create unique patterns that are not found in nature.

PickeringClassification of floorsProfessional manufacturers tell you how to choose

The surface of SPC floor has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology, and its wear-resistant revolution can reach more than revolutions.Among the traditional ground materials, the wear-resistant laminate floor has only - revolutions.The name SPC floor is easy to cause people&#;s misunderstanding. SPC floor is one of the categories of PVC floor. When you think of PVC floor, you think more of plastic. Many people will confuse PVC floor with PVC pipe. Plastic contains toxic substances and is harmful to human body.Honesty is the foundation, There are standard, wide plate and narrow plate in terms of specificationsService is not only related to the guarantee of product quality, but also the embodiment of corporate image.There will be some deformation, warpage and cracking problems soon after the installation of floor products, many of which are caused by improper installation.Therefore, whether the service is professional or not also affects the performance of the product.The floor installation is popular and dust-free.Dust pollution in home decoration should not be underestimated.For example, in the floor installation project, wood chips and dust will inevitably appear, floating in the air, and the harm is also serious for a long time.People who move into a new house often suffer from the strange disease of new house syndrome. For example, when they get up every morning, they will feel stuffy disgusting and even dizzy;Easy to catch a cold;Often uncomfortable throat, poor breathing, dizziness and fatigue after a long time.This is because of respiratory tract infection. The biggest inducement is the dust suspended in the air for a long time.In order to avoid dust pollution,PickeringWaterproof composite solid wood floor, it is best to choose dust-free installation.Laminate flooring has reached grade B and has higher flame retardant performance, which is safer than other kinds of wood flooringPickering,The most common causes of wood floor cracking are the moisture content of the floor and the dry humidity of the environment. For example, the moisture content of the wood floor is % and the local average moisture content is %. In order to balance the moisture content of the floor and the moisture content in the air, the dry air absorbs moisture from the wood floor, and the wood floor cracks in this processSixth, fire and flame retardant. After days, maggots appeared on the floor.This problem is because the floor contains a lot of impurities.

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