PetersburgHow to maintain the floorOperation specification

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The joint of the floor adopts the form of latch, which controls the vertical displacement of the floor and the horizontal displacement of the floor;The original tenon and groove type, which is often called tongue and groove floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor.No matter how early the wooden floor plate is, which is inconvenient.The most common causes of wood floor cracking are the moisture content of the floor and the dry humidity of the environment. For example the floor plate often tilts up and stumbles when walking and the displacement in any aspect can not be controlled. Therefore, the moisture content of the wood floor is % and the local average moisture content is %. In order to balance the moisture content of the floor and the moisture content in the air, the dry air absorbs moisture from the wood floor, and the wood floor cracks in this processPetersburg, The relative density of plate is adopted. One week later, the floor sank to the bottom, and the color of the water turned yellow and black. The water contained a lot of impuritiesAmpanihy,The construction of SPC floor installation works is very fast. There is no need for mixed mortar. The ground with good standard can be paved immediately and can be applied after hours. The ground is slightly weak. Only self leveling cement is needed to ensure that the height difference of the ground is within mm.The water resistance is reflected by the water absorption thickness expansion index. If the index value is high, the water resistance is poor, it is easy to cause size change in humid environment.Must not listen to the misleading such as waterproof floor, only moisture-proof floor, no waterproof wooden floor.SPC vinyl flooring manufacturers focus a lot on the dense core of SPC flooring.They tried to make it more resistant to shrinkage.

PetersburgHow to maintain the floorOperation specification

SPC floor has a variety of colors, such as blanket pattern design stone pattern design, wood floor pattern design, etc.,Even be able to complete personalized customization.The wireframe is real,PetersburgLaminate floor covering , beautiful and generous. Equipped with a variety of accessories and decorative design strips, it can integrate the practical effect of beautiful and generous decorative design.Now we have VSPC flooring, and another layer of processed bamboo is basically attached to SPC, which makes the floor tone milder and feel more comfortable.The performance of domestic solid wood composite floor is better than that of imported solid wood composite floor, whether it is three-layer solid wood composite or multi-layer solid wood composite floor.If the budget is insufficient or the floor heating needs to be installed at home, it is recommended to recommend domestic big brand multi-layer solid wood composite flooring (because the price of three-layer solid wood composite flooring may be higher than that of pure solid wood, and the budget is sufficient). Don&#;t be too obsessed with imported big brands, and domestic big brands may not be as good as domestic ones.thicknessFair price, Moisture proof, no deformation in case of water, and can be used in kitchen,PetersburgCleaning and maintenance methods of wood floor at home, toilet, basement, and the upper foot is weak.What is the difference between solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring?

PetersburgHow to maintain the floorOperation specification

Don&#;t pour the floor wax directly on the wooden floor.Otherwise, there will be traces and traces.Carefully apply according to the wood grain direction of the wood floor. Do not apply or the thickness is uneven.Too little application will cause uneven thickness, and too much application will lead to poor film formation.Keeping thin and uniform is the key to waxing.Do not dilute the floor wax with water.Solid wax must be ground after polishing.Where is good,Laminate flooring is a product with high scientific and technological content. From the appearance, it is very difficult to distinguish the quality unless it has been inspected.Therefore, we recommend that consumers buy brand products.Well known brands generally pass the test of market operation and have established a good image in the eyes of consumers.Well known brands not only ensure product quality, but also be responsible for laying and installation. More importantly, in the future, the service is guaranteed. If you buy it at ease, you can also avoid worries at home.Maybe the cheap floor can be or yuan cheaper than the brand floor per square meter, but its utility and service life may be only / or less of the brand floor, and there is a lack of environmental protection and after-sales service guarantee.When scraping, lift up all the furniture instead of pushing and pulling.The best protection is at the bottom of the furniture legs.In addition, piano and other heavy objects at home, you&#;d better share the weight with a protective pad.: I can smell faint wood fragrance. This floor shows that the glue content is very low.Up to European standard E level.Petersburg,: Pungent taste if it is the floor with this taste, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. Be careful when choosing, and you&#;d better not buy it;Laminate flooring has reached grade B and has higher flame retardant performance, which is safer than other kinds of wood flooringThe surface is treated with special technology, without air holes and water impermeability. It is no problem to shop in the areas where toilets and kitchens communicate with water.No, it will not be like the ordinary wooden floor. Once it bubbles, it will deform and bubble, or it will become moldy due to high humidity.

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