St. asentAll transformersHow to divide responsibilities

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When sampling from a small and medium-sized power transformer without a discharge pipe (or oil sample suspension plate), it can be in a power transformer such as a glass test tube when it is not in operation to extract the oil sample at the bottom, or it can be replaced by changing the oil.Power transformer factorySt. asent,Transformer manufacturers said that at this stage, China's energy-saving distribution transformer market is relatively scattered, coupled with the constraints of factors such as low threshold in the field uneven companies, lack of evaluation and specifications, and inadequate technical innovation, resulting in slow marketing of energy-saving transformers.Some are tied with plastic tape, because the socket can not be pressed firmly during installation, and there is still oil leakage without sealing effect.Orkney,(IV) the transformer on the column shall be stable and firm, and the waist rail shall be & phi; mm galvanized wire shall be wound over turns in an even number. The iron wire shall not have a connector and shall be tightened after winding. The distance between the waist rail and the energized part shall not be less than .m.(II) the height width ratio of dry-type transformer pier installed on the ground is generally .m, and a guardrail of no less than m shall be installed around it, and a warning sign shall be hung at a prominent position.Different diversion methods, dry-type transformers mostly use silica gel waterproof casing, while oil transformers mostly use porcelain waterproof casing;

St. asentAll transformersHow to divide responsibilities

There are also many problems to pay attention to in the preventive measures and process of dry-type transformer damping. What are the key effects and functions of dry-type transformer damping and the corresponding preventive measures? Let's master and consult in detail with the small editor of the dry-type transformer manufacturer.Many people probably don't know much about the power distribution transformer manufacturers. In fact, the transformer can be plugged in for trial operation after careful inspection before capital investment. During the trial operation period,St. asent4000kva dry type transformer, you must pay attention to the following points. Whether there is abnormal sound,St. asentLoss table of distribution transformer, noise and vibration, whether there is abnormal smell such as coke smell, and whether there is discoloration caused by partial overheating. Ventilation is good. In addition, we should also pay attention to the following aspects.The capacity and working voltage are different. The dry-type transformer is generally suitable for distribution equipment. The capacity is generally below kVA and the working voltage is below KV which also ensures the rated voltage of kV; Oil immersed transformers are generally suitable for distribution equipment.Superior quality,The project cost is different. Compared with the purchase price of capacity transformer, there are screw cap parts left on the iron core, or small metal materials fall into the transformer, the transformer will send out & ldquo; Ding Ding Dang & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Call & hellip; Call & hellip& rdquo; Blowing sound and its & ldquo; Squeak, squeak & rdquo; It's like a magnet sucking a small washer, while the working voltage current and temperature of the transformer are all normal. Such conditions generally do not endanger all normal operation of the transformer, and can be solved until power failure.The zero line is mainly used in the working circuit. The voltage caused by the zero line is equivalent to the line resistance multiplied by the current of the working circuit. Because of the distance, the voltage caused by the zero line can not be ignored. As a countermeasure to maintain life safety, it is more and more unreliable. Ground wire (PE): it is not used as a working circuit, but only as a maintenance line. Use the affirmation of the earth & ldquo; ” Voltage. When the machine and equipment casing is electrified, the current will be quickly grounded. Even if there is a lead for the PE line, it will be grounded from the surrounding grounding body.

St. asentAll transformersHow to divide responsibilities

The vibration reduction solution of cable bridge is to modify the hard connection between bus bridge and dry-type transformer, and the vibration reduction solution is made at the cable bridge.Latest quotation,St. asent630 dry type power transformer,Manufacturing process and steps of dry-type transformerPower saving analysis of transformerThe project cost is different. Compared with the purchase price of capacity transformer, the purchase price of dry-type transformer is much higher than that of oil immersed transformer.St. asent,The insulating layer shaft and the connecting articles between the bell jar and the core shall be removed. If it is a hanging bell inspection, bind the laminated glass stopper firmly with clean paper or cloth to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bottle stopper.The representative mode of connection group of dry-type transformer is: English capital letters indicate the wiring on the primary side (or primary side), and English letters indicate the wiring on the secondary side (or secondary side). Y (or y) is star wiring, and D (or D) is triangular wiring.

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