TucsonPower transformer impedanceInspection requirements during installation

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Due to careless transportation of the transformer and the thin high-voltage conductor, the transformer was disconnected by vibration (but there was no grounding device).The voltage regulating tap changer is not in place or poorTucson,Oil sample inspection & mdash; & mdash; the performance parameters such as compression resistance and residue shall be carried out every three years. The long-term overload or overload of the transformer can reduce the cycle time.Oil leakage of cast iron partshamburg ,Wiring mode of dry-type transformer:Seal oil leakageBefore no-load impulse closing, the transformer shall be placed for h, and the rising seat and waterproof sleeve installed with vent plug shall be deflated on time.

TucsonPower transformer impedanceInspection requirements during installation

What is the wavelength of oil immersed transformer?Transformer manufacturers generally adopt IP protective casing, which can avoid the entry of solid dirt with a diameter of more than mm, rats, birds and other animals cats, resulting in vicious common faults such as short-circuit fault and power failure,Tucson20 kV oil immersed transformer, and provide a safe natural barrier for the energized part. If the transformer equipment must be outdoors,TucsonVarious transformers, IP protective casing can be adopted, which can avoid being equally divided with the above IP protective effects However, IP casing will reduce the refrigeration capacity of the transformer, so pay attention to the reduction of its operating volume.The hanging core of dry-type transformer is a vital partPromotion,Oil immersed transformer operation(I) the distance between the external contour of kV and below dry-type transformer and the surrounding guardrail or courtyard wall shall take into account the convenience of transportation and repair of dry-type transformer, and the distance shall not be less than m; At the angle with actual operation, a spacing of more than m shall be reserved; If metal fence is selected, the metal fence shall be grounded and a warning sign shall be hung at a prominent position.For no-load impulse closing of transformer, pay attention to the following matters:

TucsonPower transformer impedanceInspection requirements during installation

Power transformers are used in all walks of lifeWhere is good,The key reason for oil leakage is that there are defects in cast iron partsThe transformer manufacturer said that the temperature display equipment: the temperature change value is measured according to the PT temperature sensor embedded in the bottom voltage winding to immediately indicate the winding temperature of each phase (three-phase safety inspection and Zui large value indication, and the historical time Zui high temperature can be recorded). The Zui high temperature can be input and output as mA analog quantity. If it is to be far away (the distance can reach m,TucsonVarious models of transformer, the electronic computer can be equipped with an electronic computer socket, an intelligent transmitter, and transformers can be detected. The over temperature alarm and trip of the system software can also be signaled by the resistor data of Pt thermistor sensor, so as to further improve the stability of the temperature maintenance system software.Outdoor sampling shall be carried out in sunny days or dry weather with low environmental humidity. During sampling, it is necessary to resolutely prevent the invasion of dirt such as rain, snow, wind and sand.Tucson, it is necessary to resolutely prevent the invasion of dirt such as rain, snow wind and sand.The technical specification of power consumption requires that the resistance of maintenance grounding wire shall be ≤ Ω, The resistor is generally more than & omega;, According to Ohm's law when the insulating layer is damaged, the current is only / of the total current flow, so as to play a guarantee effect. The higher the voltage, in other words, in the case of high voltage. We can care about the power transformer plant and master a lot of professional knowledge.Caused by sand holes and cracks. For crack leakage, drilling stop hole is a good way to remove in-situ stress and prevent widening.

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